Instantly execute remote VR training applications directly to your headset

Why Cloud XR?

Increased IT security

Securely store your content on the server and access it anytime.

Centralized content

Access your entire VR catalog in one place.

High quality content

Render VR content with high Polygon 3D models in the cloud and get the same quality on every device, no matter which processing power 

Instant availabilty

Get instant access to your applications from any VR headset.

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with AWS, Volkswagen and Nvidia

CloudXR is a new technology that allows us to stream VR content from a remote location to practically any VR headset around the world. Learn from a collection of experts across the industry how streaming VR training applications can work using Cloud XR. Find out about the benefits, the problems it solves and actually what’s going on in the background.

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Adrian Staude, Volkswagen


"Streaming VR into my headset has exceeded my expectations. I had a good feeling and the sense of latency, which is a huge problem with streaming content from the cloud."

How it works

Our customers work in different parts of the world and collaborate across departments. We want to facilitate their training in VR by offering a streaming solution that enables a quick start by remotely streaming the application into any headset. It's still a new technology, but you can already get a taste of how it works - fill out the form and get a demo from the Innoactive team!

William Canady, AWS


"What's fascinating about Cloud XR is that it allows us to directly influence and impact human interactivity and engagement"

Gregory Jones, Nvidia


"Innoactive Portal allows us to go live with our worldwide rollout of VR training in no time. We base our Linde Virtual Academy on it because of its robustness and simplicity."

Get a demo of the Innoactive

Cloud XR solution

74% of the industry is considering or using

Cloud XR services.

Our VR training survey showed a great interest of our participants in the Cloud XR solution. 74% of the respondents either use it already or plan to in the near future. Would you like to test it and see if streaming VR content is something you might consider?


Get a demo of the Innoactive

Cloud XR solution

Gregory Jones, Nvidia


“The standalone headsets are growing much faster than the tethered headsets, so enhancing the streaming experience is what we are trying to do”