Standardize and Scale Your

VR Training App Creation


Rapid creation

An intuitive editor UI and a basic set of behaviors and conditions allow to kick-start your VR Training production for non-developers.

Customize by code

Create custom behaviors and conditions that fit your needs and your specific use-case using Creator's open API.

Standardize and scale

Define a custom VR Training look-and-feel. Share and collaborate on your customized template with multiple stakeholders.

Feras Alhothali, Linde Virtual Academy

"Innoactive Creator enables us to create reusable templates which can be used and extended by our partner studios to deliver high quality VR scenarios without jeopardizing our standards."


Explore the Innoactive Creator

Professionalize your VR training app creation.  Make your VR Training more efficient and effective.

Kick-start your use-case with out-of-the box tools.


Intuitive Graphical Editor

Make VR Training Authoring effective using through an intuitive User Interface. Trainers and training designers create and maintain training apps without coding skills.

Universal HMD and Desktop Support

Support the transition from traditional training to an immersive experience. Run VR-native job trainings on tethered and standalone VR headsets as well as on desktop or mobile devices.

Customization Framework

Did not find specific behaviors and conditions in our large toolbox? Developers can easily extend our base template to meet very specific training needs. Creator is based on open-source code with a strong developer community.

Deep dive into the modular, flexible Innoactive Creator

Read the user manual for a complete introduction to Creator. Learn how to use the templates and how to get started with your first VR training.

Join the immersive learning revolution