Standardize and scale Unity-based VR training 

Visual authoring

Rapidly design process-based VR training simulations with our visual authoring tools.

Reusable templates

Develop reusable templates and share them between developers and designers.

Enforce standards

Get full control on the UX and quality standards you enforce across different user groups.

Feras Alhothali, Linde Virtual Academy

"Innoactive Creator enables us to create reusable templates which can be used and extended by our partner studios to deliver high quality VR scenarios without jeopardizing our standards."

How does it work?

Start with a template

Use the base template and design your first VR training in minutes.

Customize the template

Customize our base template to fit your needs.

Develop own components

Develop custom behaviors and conditions to extend your templates

Join the immersive learning revolution 

Sasha Lekach

"It's all digital and can be reset at the push of a button. Travel time and costs don't really exist."

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