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Sharing deep-links into VR to make your Unity or Unreal apps accessible with a click

You wonder how to facilitate sharing of Unity/Unreal apps within your organization? How to allow new users to access VR as seamless as possible? We believe that getting into VR should be as easy as clicking a link. Innoactive Portal Deep-Linking allows you make apps accessible via a simple URL, but there is more: You can even place those links in other systems, e.g. a Learning Management System or Microsoft Sharepoint, add them to calendar invites or simply share them via Microsoft Teams or Slack. Pass app specific parameters via links in order to load specific content, start Multi-User XR sessions or anything else.


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What is Innoactive Portal XR CMS?

Innoactive Portal solves the "last mile problem" of deploying XR to users in large organizations.

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