Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in Innoactive Creator. Let´s guide you to your first VR training application.


Download Creator

Innoactive Creator evolves fast. Stay tuned on new releases, on setup and usability improvements that simplify your life.

In case you face any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our community or us for support. We are committed to get your VR training application done as quickly as possible.


Unity update or installation

The Innoactive Creator is built on top of Unity Editor. Please have the latest LTS version of Unity (2019.4) installed.

Our documentation section provides a detailed guide on how to get it up and running.

The following steps assume Unity is installed and ready to use.


Create new Unity project

One easy way to create a new, empty Unity Project is leveraging the Unity Hub (please see the video).

If you do not use the Unity Hub yet, Unity´s documentation has got you covered.

Creating a Unity Project using the Unity Hub

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Import Innoactive Creator

Please double-click the downloaded Creator package of Step 1. Confirm the import in Unity. Alternatively, you can also import the package by navigating to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package ... within Unity Editor and selecting the downloaded package there.

Import Innoactive Creator

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