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Bringing Haptics and Hand Tracking to the Innoactive Creator

Graham Breen (Innoactive), Eric Vezzoli (Interhaptics)


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How to Standardize and Scale Your VR Training App Creation?

Learn how to professionalize your VR training app creation with the Innoactive Creator. Make your VR Training more efficient and effective with the new features that are relevant for the future of workplace. Kick-start your use-case with out-of-the box tools such as: use-case specific templates, randomization of training scenarios, powerful workflow logic and many more!


Bringing Haptics and Hand Tracking to the Innoactive Creator

Virtual professional training is gaining momentum in the industrial sector. An ever-increasing segment of industrial players is implementing virtual reality training programs within their organizations. We believe that haptics and hand tracking interactions can bring a lot of value to virtual training users through increased accessibility and learning reinforcement. Join the webinar to find out more about our partnership with Interhaptics.

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Cloud rendering for VR deployment in Enterprise

CloudXR is a new technology that allows us to stream VR content from a remote location to practically any VR headset around the world. Learn from a collection of experts across the industry: Nvidia, AWS, VW and Innoactive. Find out how cloud rendering features allow you to stream VR application directly to any headset including standalone devices.

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