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Join our team at the forefront of enterprise XR!

We are redefining workplace experience with XR technology. At Innoactive you’ll be part of a dynamic, fast-growing company at a transformative time in the B2B sector.

Fully remote – work from
in Europe

At Innoactive, we’ve embraced remote work since April 2020, with our team spanning across Europe from the comfort of their own homes – or wherever they feel most at home. Today’s technology allows us to work together from different locations, and we’re taking full advantage of it. We believe that remote work is the future of work, and we’re committed to providing our team with the best remote work experience possible.

Remote work at Innoactive

Exciting team retreats
across Europe


At least twice a year, we host team retreats in inspiring locations across Europe. These retreats are more than just meetings; they are multi-day events designed to strengthen our bond as a team and reinvigorate our collective spirit. Anticipate a blend of productivity, relaxation, and adventure. Whether it’s in a tranquil countryside, a bustling city, each retreat is an opportunity to create lasting memories with your colleagues. Join us and be part of these unforgettable experiences that enhance our work and personal growth!

Expert team – global impact


Our team, a compact yet dynamic group of 10 professionals, is strategically positioned across Europe, encompassing talents from Germany, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. We represent a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and languages, united by a shared dedication to XR technology and a common vision for the future of work.


We deliver exceptional results for large international enterprise customers, such as Volkswagen Group, Verizon, ExxonMobil, Siemens Energy, Roche Diagnostics, and TÜV SÜD, among others. Our collaborations extend to some of the most prominent names in the XR industry, including partnerships with Meta, Epic Games, HTC, AWS and NVIDIA. Our commitment to sustainable growth, combined with our expertise in XR, positions us uniquely in the industry to continue making significant impacts with global enterprises.

Flexible work schedules


Whether you prefer working during normal office hours, in the evening or on weekends – we give you freedom in distributing your working time throughout the week. Depending on your role, there are a number of recurring meetings that you should attend weekly or daily. Beyond these commitments, your work schedule is largely your choice, provided it does not negatively impact collaboration with colleagues or customers, and as long as you maintain a firm grasp on your tasks and responsibilities. We want to give you the freedom to work when you’re most productive and when it suits your personal life best while still thriving as a team.

A note to recruiters: We prefer direct dialogue with all our applicants and are convinced that we build the best team in a flat, responsive and participative organization. Unless otherwise stated, we do not work with recruiters, placement agencies or other intermediate parties and do not accept phone calls from them. We ask that you respect our position.

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