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The Industrial Metaverse platform for your organization

Innoactive Portal is your comprehensive solution to roll-out your various Industrial Metaverse applications and use cases. Its future-proof design and integrated cloud streaming technology allows you to offer your audience a great user experience on the device they want to use.  


Content Sharing

XR CMS for large-scale Metaverse roll-out of Unity and Unreal applications

Branded Metaverse Portal

Metaverse Platform for content sharing: roll-out and deploy XR across your organization

App Streaming

Stream your real-time 3D Unity or Unreal applications to the browser from the cloud

Analytics Dashboard

VR Analytics Dashboard for a better ROI of your VR training roll-out

MDM Integration

XR MDM system integration for roll-out of both PC VR and standalone VR

Version Control

Version control for Unity and Unreal-based XR applications

LMS Integration

VR Training LMS Integration via xAPI or SCORM

Multi-User support

Roll-out your collaborative Multi-User VR apps built with Unity or Unreal


Sharing deep-links into VR to make your Unity or Unreal apps accessible with a click

User Management

User identity management to control access to your XR apps

CloudXR streaming

VR cloud streaming using NVIDIA CloudXR

Single Sign-On (SSO)

In-VR Single Sign-On (SSO) to connect your XR apps to your Active Directory

DRM and Access Control

DRM and Access Control for your Unity and Unreal XR applications

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