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LMS Integration

VR Training LMS Integration via xAPI or SCORM

VR and 3D-rich content is a great learning enabler, but VR training LMS integration can be a challenge. Innoactive Portal helps to integrate immersive learning into your blended learning journey using your Learning Management System. Our compatible LRS partners follow standards like xAPI and SCORM to archive a seamless data backchannel to your LMS.

LMS Integration

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What is Innoactive Portal XR CMS?

Innoactive Portal solves the "last mile problem" of deploying XR to users in large organizations.

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Seamless user guidance into VR

Users need to be guided from your LMS into VR as seamless as possible. This is one example how your future XR learning journey could look like.

Measurable business impact for your VR roll-out

Portal comes with built-in usage analytics to give you a transparent view on your XR adoption. If you need more insights, add one of your compatible ecosystem partners to measure more relevant data points

Innoactive Portal Analytics Dasboard

Analytics Dashboard

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