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Optimize XR Analytics with Innoactive Portal and Cognitive3D Integration

XR Analytics


Offers an extensive objective system to track in-app learning events and send them back to your LMS.

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Innoactive Portal works well with Cognitive3D: Use Innoactive Portal SSO features and pass user identity to Cognitive3D Objective System to capture learning events and relay them to your LMS/LRS system. Also, you can use the full Analytics Suite of Cognitive3D with Apps that are running on Portal. Cognitve3D supports both Unity and Unreal applications

Comprehensive analytics for XR content

Innoactive Portal's integration with Cognitive3D provides comprehensive analytics for Unity and Unreal-based XR applications, helping organizations gain insights into user behavior and experience.

Learn more about Cognitive3D XR analytics

XR CMS for Cognitive3D-powered apps

Upload your VR apps that use Cognitive3D SDK to track data to Innoactive Portal in order to make them accessible by your target audience. Manage users and access permisssions via our Access Control features and deploy them to everyone.

Learn more about Portal XR CMS

Seamless LMS integration of your apps

Cognitive3D's LMS integration features allows for seamless XR learning experiences by connecting Unity or Unreal-based XR applications with your organization's LMS.

Learn more about Cognitive3D LMS Integration

Learn how to use Innoactive Portal with Cognitive3D

We want to you benefit from interoperable technologies. Get a free tech consulting session to better understand how to roll-out XR with Innoactive Portal and the best technologies on the market.

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