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Visualisation for architects working with many of the industries leading tools.



Enscape is trusted by architects the world over. With integration with tools including Revit & Rhino, Enscape allows architects, their customers or stakeholders to visualise designs for a better feedback loop.

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Innoactive Portal allows you to run Enscape projects in the cloud and stream them to users without need for expensive hardware. You can let your users or customers access your designs wherever they are.

Stream Enscape to XR headsets

Enscape supports VR and Innoactive Portal is able to stream it to standalone headsets. Stakeholders and customers can be reached with designs wherever they are in the world with no need for a high powered PC.

Or stream straight to your browser

If you don't have a headset to view the file on, no problems. Innoactive Portal can stream Enscape apps straight to the browser through the interactive spectator window. If you want to see the file in more detail you can make it full screen and navigate as you normally would through an Enscape app

*Photos courtesy of Enscape

Learn how to use Innoactive Portal with Enscape

We want to you benefit from interoperable technologies. Get a free tech consulting session to better understand how to roll-out XR with Innoactive Portal and the best technologies on the market.

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