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Streamline Unreal Engine Enterprise Roll-Out with Innoactive Portal

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Unreal Engine is a leading tool to create photorealistic enterprise XR applications.

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Innoactive Portal supports Unreal Engine apps without any compromise. No matter if Windows or Android, PC VR or StandaloneVR, Desktop 3D real-time apps: Innoactive Portal allows your users to stream or download your Unreal Engine apps so they can access them on the device they own.

Deploying Unreal Engine XR apps through Innoactive Portal

Innoactive Portal supports Unreal Engine 4 & 5 (5.1) apps. If you've built VR using Unreal Engine it will work with Innoactive Portal. Simply upload your zip package including the .exe app and Portal will do the rest.

Deploying uploaded apps

Once you have uplaoded the app, Innaoctive Portal allows the user to Cloud Stream to standalone VR devices. You've built a large .exe for a customer in a different location then Portal has you covered. As long as they have a standalone VR headset, they can stream directly from the cloud to wherever they are in the world.

Learn how to use Innoactive Portal with Unreal Engine

We want to you benefit from interoperable technologies. Get a free tech consulting session to better understand how to roll-out XR with Innoactive Portal and the best technologies on the market.

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