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Become a Rollout Master at the VR Training Summit on September 21-23.

In May Innoactive hosted the first VR Training Summit as our response to the COVID-19 restrictions. We wanted to enable discussions and exchanges on best practices amongst VR training enthusiasts. The result was a 4-day event with 30+ speakers hosting in total 28 sessions. We discussed all the steps of the VR adoption journey: from getting started with VR training, through designing a successful pilot to rolling out and scaling VR training applications.

As the world is still debating on whether it's safe to meet face to face, we continue our mission to unite the VR Training community and announced the 2. VR Training Summit on September 21-23.

Here is why you should save a spot at the event and join us for 3 days of exciting use cases, panel discussions and presentations. Register here.

It's just 9 hours...

Spend 3 hours daily with experts in the field of VR, who will share their experiences and best practices in adopting VR for training. You get to ask first hand all of your questions and connect with participants in the networking sessions. Who knows, it might be the event that will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Use cases, use cases, use cases

We don't talk only about theories, we discuss actual use cases and solutions. From Tesla, PwC to Linde Group, VW, DDI and SAP - our focus lays on the exchange between like-minded peers. In order to help the VR industry get forward faster, we all need to support each other.

Learn how to get started with VR training

We start our journey with...the basics. What is your Why? How do you convince decision makers? How can you make sure the project won’t fail? The success of VR adoption lays in understanding the reasons for its use and knowing what you need at every step of the way.

Get a taste of what's awaiting you on September 21. Register here

Find out the best practices in designing a successful pilot

What is a good training? How do you design a training? What mistakes can be avoided? How to plan the process? The key is to understand how to design a pilot that serves the purpose, will solve a problem and will motivate users and trainers to keep using VR for training.

Join us when we discuss use cases by SAP, DDI, GE and PwC.

Get a taste of the what's awaiting you on September 22. Register here

Discover the possibilities to rollout VR even in time of budget cuts due to COVID-19

"2020 has been and continues to be a difficult year for everyone. Looking from the VR perspective some areas have faced issues whilst others have been able to take advantage of the opportunities presented. For large and complex companies the need to train their employees doesn’t go away but actually becomes more important than ever. "- Graham Breen said in the recent interview. Join us when we discuss the opportunities to keep rolling out VR trainings despite the budget cuts due to Covid-19. Take a glimpse into the XR Roadmap of Unity Solutions and find out more about the importance of training the trainer to facilitate the scaling of VR training.

Get a taste of the what's awaiting you on September 23. Register here

Register now and get access to a library of VR training content

Our event is made by VR training enthusiasts for the entire VR training community. We hope to see more and more companies, XR studios, freelancers to join the event and spread the word about the importance of VR training. Our goal is to enable a transparent discussion and share the results with you to learn with us. Register now and get all the sessions which have been recorded by now for free.

See you soon!

Natalia Repta


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