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Enhance VR Experiences with Innoactive Portal and NVIDIA CloudXR

Cloud Streaming


NVIDIA CloudXR is a unique technology to stream PC VR to standalone VR headsets.

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NVIDIA CloudXR is natively integrated in Innoactive Portal: All your uploaded PC VR apps can be streamed to standalone VR headsets, such as Meta Quest 2/Pro, Vive Elite XR /Focus 3 and Pico 4 Enterprise.

How Cloud XR works

THe CloudXR client which is natively integrated into Innoactive Portal enables application built for PC based VR headsets to stream to standalone headsets. The processing takes place in the cloud meaning the user doesn't need to invest in a complex hardware setup.

Learn more about some of the CloudXR use cases

In this video we joined Nvidia and AWS to disucss some of the reasons why companies could want to use CloudXR. This covers the technical side but also the benefits for companies.

Learn how to use Innoactive Portal with NVIDIA CloudXR

We want to you benefit from interoperable technologies. Get a free tech consulting session to better understand how to roll-out XR with Innoactive Portal and the best technologies on the market.

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