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Deploying applications to standalone VR becomes easier with the Innoactive Portal

You want to scale VR Training and adopt standalone VR devices? You or your clients are currently adopting vendor tools? We developed a solution which is designed to fit well with vendor tools and allows you to boost your VR training roll-out even more. It is called Innoactive Portal and we recently added features allowing to engage your VR users with standalone VR devices AND give them unique features of Innoactive Portal, increasing your ROI by reaching more users. Let’s start from the top.

Innoactive Portal is your corporate VR training content library allowing you to make your apps securely accessible from VR devices at several corporate locations. Operating VR training becomes an easy task across all your VR setups, departments, locations and customers.

A powerful VR library for a controlled distribution of your applications

Portal centralizes your whole VR library, both tethered VR and standalone VR. It allows you to present your library in your own branded experience. More specifically, it includes a secure user and permission management at the application level: you can grant and revoke access permissions to control who is authorized to use your apps and for how long. From a user perspective the Portal provides easy access to assigned VR Training applications.

Let’s get in touch

For more information visit the Innoactive Portal site. To get your free instance for testing get in touch with us.


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