Securely deploy VR training

Easy access

One-click interface to launch the latest version of the VR training app.

Secure deployment

Stay in control who is allowed to access which app and for which time period.

Branded experience

Present your VR training library in your own corporate identity.

Feras Alhothali, Linde Virtual Academy

"Innoactive Portal allows us to go live with our worldwide rollout of VR training in no time. We base our Linde Virtual Academy on it because of its robustness and simplicity."

How does it work?

Upload existing apps

Create your corporate catalogue of VR training applications.

Grant secure access

Invite users and configure access permissions to ensure controlled distribution of your apps.

Configure look & feel

Customize your VR portal with your corporate colors, logo and imagery.

Join the immersive learning revolution 

Sasha Lekach

"It's all digital and can be reset at the push of a button. Travel time and costs don't really exist."

Didn't have time to join the first VR Training Summit?

No worries, here is a recap of the event. 

DAY 1 Getting Started with VR Training

DAY 2 Designing a successful pilot

DAY3 Rollout and scalability of VR Training

DAY4 Innovation check

Want to join the next event?

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