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Innoactive and 3D Media partner to support US customers

April 2021, Innoactive and 3DMedia have agreed to enter into a partnership to bring Innoactive’s dynamic toolkit for the democratization of Immersive Technology to US markets. Innoactive’s flexible and user friendly VR authoring and distribution platforms, Creator and Portal are designed with scale and sustainability in mind,

For large enterprises, the benefits of VR training include time efficiency, safety, and cost efficiency. VR also provides functional experiences which provides great learning reinforcement. The next challenge when integrating VR as a learning tool is how to efficiently develop and deploy that content. Innoactive addresses this challenge for the customer via its Creator offerings. The Creator counters development complications by offering an intuitive graphical interface requiring little coding knowledge that can drastically reduce times for developing each training module. After modules are rapidly developed in Creator, Innoactive Portal deploys the modules to workers and trainees throughout the company via a secure and flexible delivery system. Thereby ensuring that organizations can develop, deploy, scale, and sustain Immersive Learning efficiently, and easily.

Daryl Roy, CEO of 3D Media adds, “Immersive Technology is at an inflection point. Governments, private enterprise, and all other types of organizations have seen the value that VR and AR bring to their teams. The challenge has been how do we scale and sustain this transformative technology? Well, Innoactive has developed two new tools that solve that problem. With Creator and Portal, groups can now affect positive change by an order of magnitude, effectively democratizing XR and bringing it to the working masses.”

Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive, said, “We’re delighted to partner with 3DMedia to help reach more customers with Innoactive products in the US.” The Innoactive Creator and Portal are designed to help companies scale their VR training through more efficient development and deployment of content. The US market is crucial for Innoactive and we’re excited that more customers will have the opportunity to use our products through the partnership.”


Innoactive provides an open, modular, and scalable VR training solution for enterprise use. Innoactive Creator is the leading, fully customizable authoring tool for Unity, a robust and widely used game engine. It allows rapid creation of VR training content in Unity, without the need for deep technical knowledge of coding and modeling. Innoactive cloud services (also available on-premises) allow managers to control accessibility to simulated content by offering user specific access control through permissions and user accounts. The cloud services also offer analytics, application management, version control, 3D asset management and remote collaboration services. Innoactive technology has already been integrated into enterprises including Volkswagen, Audi, Lufthansa, Linde, and Deloitte. They are now providing secure access to robust and flexible VR training content to their own employees and to customers they serve.

3D Media

3D Media is disrupting the marketplace with our customizable Virtual and Augmented Reality tools. Using proprietary processes, we build out facilities and procedures with precise detail. Our VR tools allow training in 100% controlled environments mitigating risk and saving money. 3D Media's Augmented Reality tools assist operators, technicians, and maintainers, alike in completing every task error free, every time. Our clients include Exxon Mobil, Louisiana Economic Development Fast Start, the US Air Force, and many more!


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