VR training roll-out solution

Scale-up your VR training roll-out with the Innoactive software platform and qualified integration partners.

Innoactive Creator

A visual editor for creating unity-based VR training without developer skills.

Innoactive Portal

Upload VR training apps and make them available for trainees.

Feras Alhothali, Linde Virtual Academy

„VR training works and has direct impact on our business.“

Open ecosystem to scale VR training

Tools and cloud services

Open-source authoring tools and enterprise-grade cloud services for scaling VR training

Events & roundtables

Learn from VR training pioneers and exchange best practices

Qualified partners

Leverage our partner ecosystem for VR content creation and system integration 

Standardize and scale Unity-based VR training 

Rapid creation

Visual editor and base template allow to kick-start your VR training production.

Extend by code

Develop reusable behaviours and conditions to create your own VR training template

Standardize and scale

Share your customized template with developers and improve quality across teams.


Easy access

Your VR users get a great first-time seamless experience regardless of their tech affinity.

Secure deployment

Stay in control who is allowed to access which app and for what time period.

Branded experience

Present your VR training library in your own corporate identity.

Securely deploy VR training

Join the immersive learning revolution 

Sasha Lekach

"It's all digital and can be reset at the push of a button. Travel time and costs don't really exist."

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