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Innoactive Portal supports global scaling with AWS Local Zones

Innoactive Portal enables enterprise VR cloud streaming globally, leveraging AWS Local Zones and NVIDIA CloudXR.

Streaming virtual reality (VR) content from the cloud relies on multiple factors to deliver a great experience. One crucial factor is to keep the latency at a level much lower than needed for video streaming or even gaming streaming. Therefore it is essential to stream from a data center as close as possible to the end user. This is where AWS Local Zones make a huge difference.

In addition to the AWS Regions, Innoactive has now enabled VR cloud streaming with 29 AWS Local Zones and we are looking forward to expanding with another 21 future Local Zones already announced by AWS. Innoactive Portal is a SaaS solution enabling enterprises to scale their VR applications (training, visualisation, digital twins) by integrating them in a secure way in their corporate IT and making it easy for designers, engineers, architects, and trainees to stream high-quality VR to any of the main brands of VR headsets. For non-VR users, Innoactive Portal also supports streaming of interactive Unity or Unreal Engine 3D experiences to a web browser. Leveraging CloudXR, NVIDIA’s extended reality (XR) streaming solution, Innoactive Portal supports streaming using a high-speed internet connection as well as 5G.

“By deploying to AWS Local Zones, we can really get closer to our customers. This gives them a better experience and the confidence to invest in cloud streaming for their VR apps across the world,” said Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive.

“Enterprises around the world are streaming their XR apps using the combination of Innoactive Portal and NVIDIA CloudXR,” said Greg Jones, director of global business development and product management for XR at NVIDIA. “With expansion to AWS Local Zones, Innoactive Portal enables enterprises to further scale their XR deployment.”

Innoactive Portal can be found on the AWS Marketplace


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