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UE 5.4 XR cloud streaming plugin for Automotive and AEC released by Innoactive

Use Innoactive Portal to deliver high-quality extended reality (XR) experiences to your users, regardless of their hardware capabilities. Let your colleagues or customers stream your Unreal Engine virtual reality (VR) applications with NVIDIA CloudXR, integrated in Innoactive Portal. Now users can stream from 57 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions and Local Zones, enhancing accessibility and engagement for a wider audience.

Unreal Engine 5 makes it possible to create incredibly photorealistic XR experiences, e.g. for architectural visualization, simulation training, collaborative design review. However, target users across corporate locations or customers often do not have the necessary PC to run those 3D/VR experiences. 

Innoactive Portal helps to overcome that adoption barrier: With the new Innoactive Portal plug-in for Unreal Engine, developers can easily create a package and upload, stream and share it securely in one go. Innoactive Portal will seamlessly identify and connect the user to the nearest data center among 57 AWS Regions and Local Zones worldwide, guaranteeing minimal latency for users regardless of their geographic location.

Innoactive plugin for Unreal Engine


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