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Photon Multi-User Apps Reach Wider Audiences with Innoactive Portal



Photon is a leading Multi-Player Engine and cloud platform that powers thousands of collaborative XR apps in enterprises.

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Innoactive Portal works well with PhotonEngine: develop Unity or Unreal applications with the capability to host Multi-User sessions. Use Innoactive Portal Multi-User app features to let people join your session with one click. Render your app in the cloud and stream large 3D assets to standalone VR or to the browser.

Deploy Photon multi-user apps easily with Innoactive Portal

With Innoactive Portal, deploying your Photon multi-user apps is a breeze. You can upload your apps to the portal, and your users can access them easily through the Netflix-like XR Portal or by deep-links shared via any system.

Learn more about Multi-user features

Share VR meeting deep-links seamlessly with Innoactive Portal

With Innoactive Portal, sharing deep-links to your VR meetings is a snap. You can share the deep-links with your participants via any system, such as Calendar Invite, LMS assignment, and so on. They can start their meeting with just one click.

Learn more about Portal Deep-Links

Expand your Photon app's audience using CloudXR streaming with Innoactive Portal

Innoactive Portal offers CloudXR streaming, enabling your users to stream your Photon app to any standalone VR device without compromising the workstation-grade graphics. This way, you can reach a larger audience and ensure consistent, high-quality rendering to all users.

Learn more about CloudXR streaming

Learn how to use Innoactive Portal with Photon

We want to you benefit from interoperable technologies. Get a free tech consulting session to better understand how to roll-out XR with Innoactive Portal and the best technologies on the market.

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