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Innoactive Portal delivers VR cloud streaming with Nvidia, Microsoft Azure and SAP

As part of announcements for the Nvidia GTC the partnership with Innoactive and Microsoft Azure was announced for delivering VR Cloud Streaming over the Nvidia Cloud XR technology.

Innoactive Portal is the simple one click solution to launch streaming applications. Users can access VR whenever and wherever they are.

“SAP customers have large and complex CAD models which they want to use in their VR process simulations and training applications,” said Michael Spiess, venture lead for extended reality at SAP. “With CloudXR, we can easily stream those VR simulations with the highest quality visuals to any device — whether it’s an HMD, a tablet, or even a smartphone. Innoactive Portal supports NVIDIA CloudXR and makes all this available with a click of a button. This will help us to offer XR Cloud services to our 200 million business users.”

Click here for a free trial of Cloud Streaming over the Innoactive Portal


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