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Innoactive Portal feature update Early 2020

Admins, brace yourselves! New features are available in your Innoactive Portal cloud instance.

Configure Portal appearance

Customise your VR training portal to match your corporate identity. As an admin of your Innoactive Portal instance, you can now customise your training portal to match your corporate identity. Edit text, change colors and upload imagery, for both the portal and its login page. Access your Control panel view and find the new feature under “Appearance” on the left-hand side menu. Click and have fun!

Customize welcome emails

Customize your email template welcoming new users. Whenever you invite new users to the portal, they receive a welcome email. Now you can decide what they will be reading in that email.

Measure VR usage

We know it is important for you to understand and monitor the usage of your VR training applications.  This is why we have included a new feature that allows you to monitor KPIs such as:

  • Number of application starts

  • Number of authentication events

  • Time spent in VR (even across instances)

  • Cumulative time spent in VR

  • Average VR session length

As an admin you can now visualise the data through the use of either your own data warehouse, or an existing analytics dashboard of your preference.

Improved access control

Restrict access to your content for specific time periods: So far, you had two options to manage permissions to your content: either by granting permissions to named users per app, or by adding them to a user group. In addition to that, you now have the option to grant access for a specific time span. Should the granted access period expire, your users will be instructed to contact the admin when trying to launch the application.

Improved on-premises deployment

Updating your on-prem instance has become much faster and easier, with our integration of Ansible – a configuration management tool recognised as industry-wide best practice. We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are. Let us know your feedback! If you have not tried the Innoactive Portal yet, learn more here.

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