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Munich Airport and Fraport use Innoactive technology to deploy VR training

Innoactive has joined forces with AeroGround Flughafen München, Fraport AG and ThreeDee to offer an open platform for VR aviation training to airports from around the world. The first of its kind platform enables access to Virtual Reality aviation training modules based on highest operational standards and best-practices. 

Virtual Reality brings the apron to the classroom, giving trainers the power to illustrate theoretical concepts instantly, independent of weather conditions, aircraft availability and other tedious clearance processes. In addition to this trainees get to experience exceptional situations caused by hazards without exposing them to any risks. Thus airports achieve both training excellence and operational efficiency with significantly shorter training times. Innoactive’s role as a tech enabler is to ensure that the digital transformation is seamless, from scaling the content creation, to enabling the actual consumption, on both software and hardware levels. Therefore helping airports, ground handling and airlines integrate and scale VR training.

Virtual Reality is transforming on-the-job ground handling training

On-the-job ground handling can be difficult to train for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Aviation training involves dangerous scenarios

  • The required security checks can take up to six weeks

  • The equipment may be expensive or unavailable

If that wasn’t enough, the training often requires available aircraft, which is often unavailable when needed. These processes lead to unproductive work time, which in-turn becomes quite costly. This is where Virtual Reality comes in handy. The virtual world allows virtualization of on-the-job ground handling training for a fraction of the cost. It also provides sustainable and standardized learning practices. The use of VR will shorten the time it normally takes to train employees while increasing employee engagement and safety. 

Regardless of age or experience, Virtual Reality training is engaging for employees, explained by Christian Stoschek, Managing Director of AeroGround Flughafen München.

Christoph Blickhan, Project manager of logistics and IT-Management for Fraport AG describes Virtual Reality as “a tool that helps them [trainers]make the training more efficient and at the same time, increase the quality of the training.” Additionally, the modules are designed to train complex and theoretical concepts before training on the ramp takes place which saves training time and expenses. Interested airports can experience VR aviation training such as FOD-Check, Equipment Check and Plane supervision.

“It’s a challenge to standardize VR simulations for every airport.” – Christian Stoschek. The Innoactive platform is open and flexible, allowing airports to easily adapt training content to fit local requirements, infrastructure and process variations for local airports in a manner that scales. Two key aspects that ensure VR trainings are adopted successfully are ease-of-use for trainers and a growing library of training modules

  • Easy access to the available training modules and the latest updates The Innoactive Hub offers an easy-to-use interface for trainers to launch the required learning modules. Consequently, users can instantly see when an update is available, as well as what changes have been made in real time. This eliminates the need to go back through the module again.

  • Reliable hardware with HTC Vive Pro Suited for large scale rollout, the professional headset it durable, withstanding heavy-duty daily use. This is necessary when looking to scale training throughout a workplace, as the headset will receive regular use. Thus making the HTC Vive Pro the perfect choice.

  • Trainers are easily on-boarded VR is new to most people out there, including trainers. To ensure a seamless experience with the technology, it is essential to familiarize the trainer with both the hardware and software, as well as with managing trainees in the context of VR.

“Our platform is designed to empower the trainer. They are the ones facing the challenges of preparing the workforce, and it’s them needing a new medium to transfer their know-how to the trainees.”  – Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive.

ThreeDee – premium VR content for the aviation industry

Innoactive’s underlying software enables simplified and consistent content creation by a trusted ecosystem of content providers. ThreeDee is one of Innoactive’s ecosystem partners specializing in high-end 3D visualizations. Equipped with Innoactive Creator for Unity3D, ThreeDee delivered an amazing premium VR experience for both trainers and trainees. Once a module is ready, ThreeDee can easily share it with trainers via the Innoactive Portal cloud platform. Philip Balonier: “We at ThreeDee aim to deliver best-in-class VR experiences. The Innoactive Creator for Unity helps us to create VR training content faster and focus on delivering great 3D content and industry specific interactions.”

ThreeDee team foto

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