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VR Training for logistics processes at Audi

After working closely together with Innoactive – from concept, to prototyping and pilot validation – Audi now prepares for a rollout of two VR Training scenarios across the organization. With the VR Training, Audi has an innovative and interactive learning program to train their employees in packing processes for CKD Logistics (CKD = completely knocked down) while increasing employee motivation and attention.

The training center of the future

Using the HTC Vive, employees are immersed into a well-known environment – a detailed and realistic virtual simulation of their real-life work station in the Ingolstadt Logistics Center. Work equipment such as containers and other components are illustrated as 3D objects, which can be grabbed and moved using the provided controllers. During the training session, the employee goes through various step-by-step packing processes such as preparing cardboard boxes, correctly placing sun visors and applying labels to containers. Hereby, employees learn required hand movements while getting familiar with the corresponding IT systems. They are going through several level of difficulty which also require an increasing degree of independence and remembrance.

“The response of the employees to the virtual training is very positive. After a six-month pilot phase, two process training programs are now in permanent use in CKD Logistics.” Mirko Göres, Project Manager VR/AR Logistics Audi

Business benefits:

  • Reduced need of space, physical equipment

  • Control of learning objectives and standards

  • Integration of IT into training

Employee benefits:

  • Boost of self-confidence towards new job, due to repetition of tasks

  • Fun, motivation, thanks to gamified approach

  • Intuitive learning, with audio instructions, instant feedback and error support

  • Addressing all learner types (audio, visual, kinesthetic)

  • Access different language versions

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