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Improve training efficiency with Virtual Reality

Professional training of workers is a time and resource consuming effort, especially in the manufacturing universe. Depending on the degree of specialization it is often necessary to let them train on heavy and complex machinery or to bring them to a dedicated training facility. In other branches – like healthcare – training new staff can be associated with a high level of risk, which could lead to irreversible damage.

Virtual Reality (VR) offers a smart, safe and cost effective way of training workers. It basically replicates real-life scenarios in a safe virtual space, where they can move naturally and interact as if they were on site. In VR, they can be guided step by step, and have the chance to repeat the procedures as many times as they need, until they feel confident about the job. They can undo actions and learn from mistakes, without inflicting any real damages or additional costs. What’s more, trainers could effortlessly assess the workers’ performances and learning progresses, by looking at charts or detailed reports in real time. There are numerous advantages compared to a classic “training on the job” scenario.

What companies can achieve with VR Training

  • Utilize cost-saving potential of adaptable training scenarios in VR

  • Motivate workers with a fun and safe way of learning, adapted to their own pace

  • Offer workers a training scenario independent of time and location

  • Simultaneously train workers operating in different locations within one single VR experience

  • Create training experiences with embedded analytics and evaluate results in real-time

  • Reduce errors and provide consistency by offering a standardized and repeatable training procedure

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